Fall 2021: Art & Society

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Instructors’ comments:

The interdisciplinary Art & Society course is central to the mission of the Siena Art Institute, and is required for all students.  The Fall 2021 course is co-taught by Lisa Nonken, Irene Lupi, and Bernardo Giorgi, and dove-tails with the other coursework taking place this semester in Ceramics, Silversmithing, and Photography.

The Art & Society course allows students to develop substantive projects to further their portfolio development, and to have numerous opportunities to deepen their understanding of contemporary art practices and the various roles that artists can play in a broader social context. Students in the Fall 2021 semester had the special opportunity to interact with our resident artists, Mashuq Mushtaq Deen, Nina Papaconstantinou, and Tania Saleh, offering students feedback on their artistic projects as well as and inspiration on what it means to be a creative professional and the different paths that students may wish to pursue as they embark upon their artistic careers.

Our orientation activities included intro-unit projects and a two-part guided walk of contemporary interventions in Siena’s historic center led by co-creator Bernardo Giorgi.

We visited the City Archives, the civic museum of Palazzo Pubblico, the Pinacoteca Museum, the Fisiocritici Museum, the Briganti Library, and the museum complex of Santa Maria della Scala.

In early November, a mid-term group critique offered students input on their work underway.

As restrictions increased in the second half of the semester, students were able to focus on their individual studio projects at the Siena Art Institute.