Alexia Rontionova: Art & Society

Below is an archive of Fall 2021 work from the Art & Society course by Alexia Rontionova.

Final Project

Mid-Term Project

Intro Unit: Guidebook Project

Reading Response: The Blue of Distance (by Rebecca Solnit)

  1. Distance
  2. Light
  3. Obj
  4. Air
  5. horizon blue
  6. where you can never go

a+b+c+d = e -> the possibility of something being something that we desire (g)

(g) The human condition of how we want to make something our own so we can understand it.
The painters that had become smittened with the blue of distance and tried to mimic it, they seem like travelers, like the ones that wanted to find new places in this planet and when they did they conquered it, trying to making their own.

But when you fulfill the desire it disappears, and then another one appears. In letting go what you desire to acquire comes the beauty of the unknown but with a twist. Our own subconscious perspective of it. With the underlying wish of simply just letting go of us too and become a part of something new. Something that will give us the chance to immerse in it without us coming. Going to a place that hasn’t revealed itself yet gives endless possibilities of how it will be like and how we can also be.

Intro Unit: Tempo Zulu Project

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