Alexia Rontionova

The Fall 2021 work by Alexia Rontionova can be seen in the following sections:

Art & Society




HEADSHOT photoBio statement:

My name is Alexia Rontionova and I’m studying Architecture at the University of Thessaly in Greece. Throughout my studies in school and university, I have been trying to collect ideas and views that formulate a better understanding on the co-occurring events of time. I believe that art diversity, provides space for individuality and self-expression, which are essential virtues on the reassessment of social structures.

On the attempt of developing a personal artistic practice, the main attributes that support this are experimentation of techniques and materials, and the existence of a concept. My interest on human interaction, civic life and cultural symbolisms, as well as my curiosity about performed cultural habits and public morals shape my projects as I form a language for personal exposure.


The Siena Art Institute’s Fall 2021 Greek students are supported through the SNF-SART scholarships thanks to the collaboration of the Stavros-Niarchos Foundation.


Selection of Previous Work: