Artistic Walks #SpaceToMake

Passeggiate artistiche #SpaceToMake – Artistic Walks #SpaceToMake

Punto di incontro: Fontana del parco del San Niccolò – Starting point: the fountain of the San Niccolò park

12/10/2019 – 12/10/201912:15 – 12:30

Il Siena Art Institute aderisce alla giornata organizzata da AMACI e dedicata all’arte contemporanea e al suo pubblico. I nostri giovani internazionali artisti in residenza guideranno una passeggiata ispirata ai propri itinerari della città.
Sabato 12 ottobre h. 16.00
Punto di incontro: Fontana del parco del San Niccolò (via Roma 56)
Durata: 2 ore
Arrivo: Stanze della Memoria (via Malavolti 9)
Le passeggiate saranno sia in inglese che in italiano.

L’iniziativa è realizzata nel contesto del progetto #SPACEtoMAKE, realizzato con il contributo di Fondazione Monte dei Paschi di Siena

The Siena Art Institute will participate in the day organized by AMACI and dedicated to contemporary art and the public. Our young international artists will lead a walk inspired by their own itineraries of the city.
Saturday 12 October 4pm
Meeting point: San Niccolò park fountain (via Roma 56)
Duration: 2 hours
Ending point: Stanze della Memoria (address: Via Malavolti 9)
The walks will be in both English and Italian.

The initiative is realized in the context of the #SPACEtoMAKE project, realized with the contribution of the Monte dei Paschi di Siena Foundation

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Numero Max di persone: 10

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Maximum number of participants per group: 10

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Presentation by Tim Barklem


This evening Tim Barklem led a presentation about his recent and upcoming projects, kicking off our Fall season of “StARTers: Assaggi d’Arte.”
Tim Barklem is the founding member of the production company ActionDog CIC and Rejuvenate UK projects, London, now running for 20 years. Tim Barklem has designed and delivered creative projects in the arts for young people, including NEET & SEN. Event realized in collaboration with the Accademia dei Fisiocritici in the context of SIENAispira with the contribution of Fondazione MPS.

Snapshots from the Sept 29 Open Day of Il Punto| The Point

A selection of snapshots from the Sept 29 Open Day of our new location, Il Punto | The Point, kicking off the Fall 2019 season!  The event culminated in a a workshop led by our Fall Project Fellows Bik Van der Pol.

The afternoon began with presentations of the Siena Art Institute’s community courses an Open Studio featuring recent artworks and work-in-progress with our international art students and resident artists Carlos Estévez, Pamela Lawton,Honey Jones-Hughes, and resident artist of the Fondazione Musei Senesi, Fatlum Doci.




Exploring Siena with Bik Van der Pol

The Siena Art Institute’s Fall Project Fellows Bik Van Der Pol have been exploring the resources and inspirations of Siena, including the Biblioteca Briganti, the Palazzo Papesse, the Accademia dei Rozzi, the Palazzo Sansedoni of the Fondazione Monte dei Paschi, and other sites in the city center, with their explorations open to the Siena Art Institute’s resident artists, faculty, and students.

Researching at the Biblioteca Briganti:

On Art & Creativity

Many perspectives on art & creativity from resident artists and students of the Siena Art Institute.

The Siena Art Institute Onlus is a small non-profit arts organization based in the heart of Siena, Italy. We welcome artists from all disciplines who are interested in the intersection of art and civic life, and who wish to explore how the theoretical content of our individual practices can be translated into socially-meaningful projects that produce a deeper understanding of the cultures in which we find ourselves. We organize Project Fellowships, and Residencies for professional artists and writers. We organize public arts programming such as conferences and workshops together with collaborative partners, and offer unique study programs for international Undergraduate and Post-Baccalaureate art & writing students, as well as Intensive Summer & Winter Courses.

We would like to thank our many program participants involved in this montage, including our resident artistssemester students, students of the Brandeis-in-Siena summer program & the artists of our Pratt Institute Partnered Residencies.

Residents featured in the montage include:

Student voices & artwork featured in the montage include:

Guidebook Work in Progress

The young international artists of the Siena Art Institute are hard at work creating their artistic guidebooks, sharing their personal inspirations and interpretations of Siena’s cityscape using the format of a book, inspired by our visit to the artisanal bookbinding studio of Sator Print, and seeing the Librartis contemporary artists books at the Biblioteca Briganti and the ancient books in Siena’s City Archives collections.

Open Day at Il Punto + Workshop of Bik van der Pol

Sunday September 29th – FREE ENTRY

An afternoon of events dedicated to contemporary art, sustainability and deaf culture to celebrate the opening of “Il Punto | The Point ”, the new headquarters of Siena Art InstituteMason Perkins Deafness Fund and Siena School for Liberal Arts!

Facebook event:

Schedule details:

OPEN STUDIO of the artist-in-residence (15.00 – 17.00):
Meet the Welsh artist expert in social practice Honey Jones-Hughes or discover the ongoing work of young American, Greek, Dutch and Albanian artists who will study at the Siena Art Institute throughout the fall. On September 29, the artists of the Siena Art Institute open to the public the doors of their art studios – a unique opportunity for art lovers and the curious!

OPEN DAY (15.00 – 17.00):
Join our workshops in ceramics, silversmithing, photography, horticulture, creative writing, drawing, painting, watercolor and English: only at the inauguration of Il Punto | The Point special discounts for new participants will be offered! Moreover, if you are a student, ask for information on scholarships available thanks to the contribution of the Fondazione Mps for the #SpacetoMake project: you may be entitled to attend some of our courses completely free of charge!

STORIES FROM THE MARGIN: social practice workshop with Bik Van der Pol (5.30 pm – 7.00 pm). Made with the contribution of the Tuscany Region and GiovaniSì for the Toscanaincontemporanea2019 initiative:
How can creativity be used to actively involve isolated or marginalized communities? Discover the duo of Dutch artists Bik Van der Pol during this seminar open to the public but especially aimed at cultural operators, community leaders and representatives from the world of youth associations!