Visiting the Fisiocritici Museum and Tartuca Contrada Museum

This week we had the chance to visit the Fisiocritici Natural History Museum, inspired by the chapter “Blue of Distance” by Rebecca Solnit in which she discusses the rare blue pigment lapis lazuli.  We then visited the Museum of the Tartuca Contrada, located around the corner and showcasing the memoriabilia and regalia of the neighborhood’s centuries of history.

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AARGH European Project Underway

The Siena Art Institute is participating in a project funded by the European Erasmus+ Program is AARGH!! – Art Against Radicalism and Genocide and for Human-rights!! This is an innovative multi-media, creative arts based youth exchange between five different countries, including UK, Armenia, Georgia, Italy, and Albania. Participants including Siena Art Institute alumni and interns are taking part in small scale multi-media creative arts based activities including painting, drawing, sculpture, performance, photography and video.

Siena Art Institute Onlus


Visit to the Briganti Library

We had the privilege to visit the Biblioteca Briganti, part of the museum complex of Santa Maria della Scala.  It’s a treasure trove of resources, including the amazing volumes of Piranesi’s views of Rome, and many books related to Siena’s history, artists, and craftspeople. It also houses the “Librartis” collection of contemporary artists’ books.   For more info on the library: