Sixth Project Meeting, April 25

Sixth Project Meeting, April 25

Finalizing plans for our Public Project Presentation next week.  Projects presentations will be on view Friday May 3 5:30-7:30 pm and Saturday May 4 11-5 pm at Galleria Didee, Via del Poggio 2 (behind the Museo del’ Opera dell’Duomo).

Some students’ project will also connect to activities taking place May 3&4 in the neighborhood of San Miniato (schedule to be announced.) as part of the Punto Mobile “2019”initiatives exploring Siena’s candidacy to serve as a Capital of European Culture for 2019, when Italy has been appointed to be a host countries for Capitale Europea della Cultura (CEC).

The project of the CEC was born in 1985 on the initiative of Greece’s Minister of Culture, Melina Mercouri, with the aim of improving and facilitating cultural integration among the various peoples of Europe. Over time, the initiative has become an important tool for economic and social regeneration of the areas through innovative and effective use of culture as a resource for development.  Each year two EU countries are called in turn to host the event, and since 2008 the choice of the candidates has taken a competitive nature: for each country, many cities can participate in the challenge, and only one can be selected for the title.  Italy will be a host country for the year 2019, together with Bulgaria.

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