Dec 9 Final Exhibition Inauguration


December 9th is the inauguration of our Fall 2017 end-of-semester exhibition!

Program of the evening:
16.15 Welcoming remarks & toast
16.20 Public reading – creative writing
16.30 Performance of the young poet Katie Clark
16.45 Collaborative performance with the young artist and cartoonist Ioannis-Alexandros Tovas

Siena, 9 December 2017, from 14 to 6 pm, Via Pendola 37. With a large exhibition of works by students and young Italian, Greek and American artists, the semester of two institutes of art and liberal arts in Siena ends – Siena Art Institute and Siena School for Liberal Arts. On the first and second floor of the former Pendola Institute visitors will be able to admire installations, photographs, paintings and drawings, sculptures and books, videos and silversmithing projects, while creative writing works will be read and distributed to the public during the course of the inauguration. Exceptionally, on the opening day it will also be possible to admire the ceramic sculptures made by the Greek artist Maria Vlandi during her residency at the Siena Art Institute in November.

The production of young international artists of the Siena Art Institute this year pursues the theme of the project “Atelier Techné – exploring traditional practices through the languages ​​of contemporary”, realized with the contribution of the Tuscan Region and Giovanisì for Toscanaincontemporanea2017.
During their residency in Italy, young artists were confronted with ceramists, goldsmiths and textile entrepreneurs, builders and restorers of musical instruments, carvers and basket makers. And it is from the meeting of contemporary creativity with the traditional practices of Tuscany that many of the works on display were born. “We want to create a link between these two worlds, crafts and contemporary art, which are too often ignored,” says Miriam Grottanelli De Santi, Director of the Siena Art Institute. “We strongly believe in a contemporary artistic practice that is an expression of the encounter between local communities and a wider, international dimension, which is why it is important that the creative exploration of our young artists revolves around the artisan realities that characterize our territory. ”

The evening will open at 4.15 pm with refreshments offered by the Siena Art Institute, followed by reading the works of the students of the creative writing course of the Siena Art Institute and a performance by the young American poet Katie Clark. Afterwards, the young Greekartist Ioannis – Alexandros Tovas will invite the public to make their own artistic contributions and thus participate in the creation of a collaborative performance / drawing installation.

The exhibition will be inaugurated on Saturday 9 December at 16.00, and will then be open from December 11-13th from 10:30 am to 6pm. Among the exhibited works, also those created by young Italian artists of the project # Florenart3, realized with the contribution of “Sillumina: private copy for young people, for culture”.

FOR INFORMATION: 0577 226607 –

Participating artists:

Alkiviadis Avarkiotis
Mazzie Bollato
Milan Ćalović
Katie Clark
Oriana Freeman
Dimitris Giannopoulos
Chloe Martin-Poteet
Elisaveta Mavrodieva
Federica Murittu
Mae-Chu O’Connell
Tereza Panzieri- Stepanian
Kyriakos Papadopoulos
Ioannis – Alexandros Tovas
Mia Yee

Valeria D’Ambrosio
Annunziata de Comite
Laura de Tanti
Bernardo Giorgi
Irene Lupi
Joanna Mallin-Davies
Franca Marini
Melissa Morris
Lisa Nonken
Jeff Shapiro
Jacqueline Tune

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