Open Studio & Artist’s Talk with Gabriel Feld

“Dal Diario Senese – StARTers with Gabriel Feld”, this week’s appointment of artistic aperitifs at the Siena Art Institute!

Marking the end of his month and a half artistic residency in Siena, Gabriel Feld – printmaker, artist, teacher -marked the occasion by sharing with the public a selection of works of art taken from his “Sienese Diary!”

At the Siena Art Institute, Feld has been inspired by the cultural and material context of the city of Siena, and has therefore developed a series of experiments with the technique of watercolor. The “Sienese Diary” that these works compose does not represent a finished body of works, but, as suggested by the choice of the term “diary” by Feld, an open and continuous reflection that passes through the visual medium.

Tuesday, February 27  Feld met with the public, discussed the creative process that led to the realization of his works in Siena and opened the doors of his studio to share refreshments and conversation with those present.


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