Meeting master stone-carver Maestro Frati

We had the very special experience to meet master stone-carver Maestro Frati and to see his studio space in front of Siena’s synagogue, just around the corner from Piazza del Campo. Maestro Frati is truly a living part of the city’s history, and a master artisan. He works with a wide range of marble stones, and it was fascinating to see the marble slabs stacked up in his studio, as well as examples of his work which demonstrate the skill he has developed over many decades.  Maestro Frati also carved the stones which are part of the Tempo Zulu site-specific contemporary interventions within Siena’s city streets, and he is the master-carver to make any conservation/restoration work in the inlaid stones of Siena’s cathedral, which we visited on Monday.  Maestro Frati also makes his own artisanal designs, of which he has some examples in his studio, such as a glowing lamp created with stone slabs.  At the end of our visit, we visited the Osteria Le Logge, where one of Maestro Frati’s works is on display in the window.



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