Upcoming visit to Sator Print and the Briganti Library

Students are currently diving into the Guidebook project,  a response to a single location or a response to a path that they follow in & around Siena.  Specific themes to consider in the booklet response: multi-sensory materiality, site-specificity, alternative/non-touristic approaches, living heritage of artisans, connecting past to present.

We are looking forward to our trip on Thursday to visit Sator Print and Biblioteca Briganti.  We’ll have the chance to meet artisan Piergiorgio Bertolozzi and see his creations of calligraphy and book-binding at his studio Sator Print.


At the Briganti library we’ll explore references of historic and contemporary guidebooks, including the collection of “Librartis” contemporary artists’ books in many different formats, and the antique fold-out prints from Piranesi‘s “Views of Rome.”


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