Luoghi di Fuga: Notebook Projects

A group critique checking out the notebooks that students have created as a response to the Luoghi di Fuga project presented by Annunziata de Comite, and the writings of Rebecca Solnit.

To check our our students’ current work-in-progress, more details are on their individual profile pages.

Participants in the Siena Art Institute’s Fall 2017 semester include:


Visiting Siena’s Biblioteca Briganti and City Archives

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We had the privilege to visit the Biblioteca Briganti & City Archives with participants in the Siena Art Institute‘s Art & Society course.  The Biblioteca Briganti is part of the museum complex of Santa Maria della Scala, and is a treasure trove of resources, including the amazing volumes of Piranesi’s views of Rome, and many books related to Siena’s history, artists, and craftspeople. The City Archives contains centuries worth of records and artifacts related to Siena’s history, in a beautiful palazzo overlooking Piazza del Campo.  Their collection includes many one-of-a-kind antique maps of Siena, allowing us to trace the growth and changes of the cityscape over time.
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Florentine Explorations

Visit to the Laboratorio Restauro del Fortepiano in Florence with our #sillumina young Italian artists, tutors Valeria D’Ambrosio and Irene Lupi, and a group of young international artists from Greece, Switzerland and the USA!
In this picture, in front of an instrument coming from #Amatrice, one of the towns that were deeply damaged by the central Italy #earthquake.

Gelato tasting at La Sorbettiera in Florence (or: the tastiest side if Italian traditional practices)!
The experience was part of the contemporary art project sponsored by #sillumina.
As a second phase of the project, Italian tutors Valeria D’Ambrosio and Irene Lupi, with the help of young Italian artists Beatrice Beneforti and Federica Murittu, led a group of young international artists on a Multisensory Materiality itinerary of Florence!
In this picture, young poet Katie Clark: 


Tempo Zulu Projects

Inspired by the project “Tempo Zulu” with contemporary interventions within the streets of Siena’s historic center, our semester participants were asked to create their own projects as a response.

Our group critique of their work included artist Bernado Giorgi, co-creator of the Tempo Zulu project, as well as architect Annunziata Di Comite, curator Valeria D’Ambrosio, and Lisa Nonken (Art & Society course instructor &artist).