3 thoughts on “Trip to Siena City Archives

  1. I recently visited your archive museum and was amazed and delighted as I am an artist. I have tried repeatedly to down load the fabulous painted ledgers in the glass cases but cannot manage it. Is there a way you can email them to me? I would be happy to pay for them as I want them to study in my studio.
    sincerely Otis Huband

    • Friends, I just discovered the images that you sent to me last February. I am not well acquainted with computers so just discovered them. I greatly appreciate that you took the time to send them to me and am very much enjoying them. They seem so modern and my own art relates to them. My wife and I look forward to visiting you again this October when we make our annual visit to Siena. Again thank you so much for your generosity!
      wishing you all the very best Otis Huband

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