StARTers Live with Fotis Flevotomos, March 9th

Greek resident artist Fotis Flevotomos led an online talk on Tuesday March 9th, part of the Siena Art Institute’s March 2021 series of StARTers LIVE broadcasts exploring the themes of accessibility and inclusion in art and design.

On every Tuesday for the month of March 2021, we are exploring the themes of accessibility and inclusion through art and design, speaking with international practitioners through a live broadcast, streaming on the Siena Art Institute’s Facebook page and YouTube channel at 6pm Siena / 7pm Athens/ noon NYC or use this time zone converter to know what time it will be where in you are:

In his own words:

The Truth and Resourcefulness of a Limitation

Until quite recently a vast number of people in the art world would assume that a visual disorder is generally a barrier for making or experiencing art. To argue against that and imply some sort of originality and resourcefulness in a visual limitation would probably sound eccentric. Bertrand Russell, the great British polymath and philosopher, has stated however that “every opinion now accepted was once eccentric.”

A quick look at the way museums are now dealing with the so-called access programs would suffice to prove that Russell is right. A number of multisensory approaches to art is being taken more seriously and hybrid programs that combine music, dance, technology and community engagement have revealed a whole new set of possibilities.

During this short talk I will try to give some examples of my work with artists and curators in the field of museum access practices and will attempt to explain how low vision has helped me to more confidently explore the connections between art and ability.

For more information: visit the residency profile page of Fotis Flevotomos

The work of the Siena Art Institute’s Greek resident artists’ is co-sponsored by the Stavros Niarchos Foundation.

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