EU Project CERTIFY: Digital Storytelling workshop

Siena Art Institute CERTIFY trainees Clio Manfredi and Silvia Zordan led the first Digital Storytelling workshops in Italy as part of the EU project CERTIFY. The workshop was organized in collaboration with the Luigi Sturzo Institute in Rome, also a partner of the CERTIFY project.

The online workshop was promoted among the students of the University for Foreigners of Siena, especially in the section of Linguistic and Cultural Mediation, in order to teach young adults how to create their own digital story that could be used along with their CV when they apply for a job in the cultural and creative sector.

Participants focused on the skills of self-management and resilience, two of the 4 transversal skills identified by the project as important prerequisites for working in the creative and cultural sector together with collaboration and creativity. Using the Digital Storytelling method, participants were asked to create a personal story showing their experience and understanding of these skills.

The 5-session structure of the workshop follows the 5 steps of the Digital Storytelling process: briefing / brainstorming, writing, recording, editing, sharing. All sessions took place remotely on Google Meet. By taking part in the method and creating a digital story, participants had the opportunity to reflect on their skills from a fresh perspective, learn something new through the process, and be part of a group of supportive and inquisitive storytellers.

The digital stories created during this workshop will be featured on the project’s website [] and will contribute to research about if and how the digital storytelling method can be used to amplify the skills needed to work in the cultural sector.

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