Brandeis in Siena 2022

A Return to the Renaissanceon Brandeis in Siena
The largest-ever cohort of students on Brandeis in Siena has arrived in Italy for the seventh annual running of this Brandeis-Run Study Abroad Program, hosted in partnership with the Siena Art Institute.
With a paintbrush in one hand and a notebook in the other, twenty-five students are taking Brandeis coursework in Studio Art and Art History while experiencing Siennese and Renaissance art firsthand.
The medieval city of Siena creates a perfect backdrop for these students’ study of Renaissance art and painting techniques. During the first few days of the program, students became familiar with Siena’s ancient turrets and alleyways, exploring the 17 Contrade as well as essential sites like the Piazza Duomo, Castelvecchio, and Basilica of San Domenico. 
Program coursework, which includes FA 28a: Painting Siena andFA 45a: Early Renaissance Art in Tuscany from the Age of Dante to the Medici, utilizes the program’s unique surroundings to experience art in situ. In addition to the Siena Art Institute classrooms and artists’ studios, class meetings take place in the Pinacoteca Nazionale, Palazzo Pubblico, and elsewhere throughout the city.
A biennial program highlight is the visit to La Biennale di Venezia (the Venice Biennale), one of the most important gatherings of contemporary artists and art exhibitions in the world. Students explored the historic canals of Venice and visited major Biennale exhibits including the Giardini and Arsenale halls.
In partnership with our colleagues at the Siena Art Institute, theBrandeis Office of Study Abroad is delighted to welcome this new cohort of students to the majestic city of Siena andthe Brandeis in Siena alumni community.
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