Tseng Yu Chin Artist’s Talk

Join us on Tuesday, May 23rd at 6 pm for an artist’s talk with resident artist at the Siena Art Institute for May 2023 Tseng Yu Chin! The event will be held in person at the Siena Art Institute as well as live-streaming online through the Siena Art Institute’s YouTube channel and Facebook page. (6pm Italy, noon NYC)

Tseng Yu Chin began his creative career as an experimental filmmaker in Taiwan. After repeated pressures from the Taiwanese government to use his success as a filmmaker to promote political agendas, Tseng Yu-Chin left Taiwan. He currently lives in Amsterdam and Berlin with his partner.

His experiences of homophobic discrimination and victimization as a teen and young man led him to a deep understanding of the oppression of authority. His lived experiences have focused his artistic research on the conflict of self-consciousness, which he explores through video art production and extended cinema. 

More info on Tseng Yu-Chin: https://tsengyuchin.com/

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