Michael Eldridge x StARTers LIVE May 4th

Our series of online talks StARTers LIVE continues on Tuesday May 4th with creativity coach, painter, and photographer Michael Eldridge. This online event is part of our April-May series of talks on the theme of Art & Education, discussing ways of engaging in creative and critical thinking through art in a variety of subjects and contexts. 

The conversation will be live-streamed on the Siena Art Institute’s Facebook page and YouTube channel at 6pm Siena / 7pm Athens / 9:30pm Delhi / noon NYC / 11am Chicago/ 9am L.A. Presentation in English.

As always, comments and questions from viewers are very welcome during the broadcast.  We hope you can join us! 

Michael Eldridge is a painter, photographer and creativity coach. He is a Fulbright scholar, Fellow of the FRSA and has taught in the UK and USA.

He currently teaches in Italy where he runs art workshops in the Sibillini mountains. During the Pandemic, he has created online studio workshops which are principally about the good and bad times in the life of an artist and what it really means to be creative. And they include practical, playful tuition on image making and advice on how to get your stuff out there.

He connects with folk from his studio near Civitanova and in the summer at his mountain retreat. His online sessions are both individual one to one sessions and are also for groups via ZOOM webinars and whatsapp. They are always lighthearted and playfully challenging.

As an artist, he exhibits his work internationally and lectures on the subject of Creativity at conferences in the USA and in Europe.

A Londoner by birth, he has lived in New Zealand, South Africa and in the USA. Currently his home is in Italy

You can find him on Whatsapp + 39.3283535358, on Instagram and Facebook.

His personal website is www.michaeleldridge.net

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